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60 Days

AWS Certification Objectives

•Learn to build apps with AWS Certification .
•Explore how to use existing features in AWS Certification .Improve your front end design and development skills
•Learn how to handle errors and exceptions in AWS Certification .
•From A-Z: The Complete Beginners-Advanced Masterclass – Learn AWS Certification
•AWS Certification – Learn how to set up your AWS Certification script.
•An easy way to learn one of the widely used AWS Certification
•Create Apps using AWS Certification From Scratch and scale it up to any level
•with this time saving course you will Learn AWS Certification and ready to use it

AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Practice Exams - Training Highlights

•Get job-ready for an in-demand career
•Resume & Interviews Preparation Support
•Flexible batch timings – Weekend & weekdays.
•Best Opportunity To Both Learn And Work From Home
•We hire Top Technical Trainers for Quality Sessions
•Collaboration With 500+ Clients for Placements and Knowledge Sessions
•Make aware of code competence in building extensive range of applications using Python
• Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time

Who are eligible for AWS Certification

•Cloud Computing, Information Security, Network Security, Windows System Administration, Windows Server
•Devops, Javascript, Aws, Amazon Ec2, Angularjs, Vuejs, React.js, Node.js, Ansible, Docker, Startup, Architectural Design, Machine Learning, Python, Cloud
•Microsoft Azure, Azure, Sql Azure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Testing, SQL, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Oracle, Business Objects, Issue Resolution
•React.Js, Javascript, Ui Development, Css, Jquery, Web Development, User Interface Designing, Cloud, AWS, Java, Spring Framework, Cassandra, Docker, Python
•Sharepoint Architect, Mobile Architect, MSBI Module Lead, Filenet Developer, WBM, IBM BPM


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud service provider and companies across the globe seek talented IT Professionals with extensive knowledge and hands on expertise on the AWS platform. The AWS Certification tracks enables IT Professionals to validate their expertise and prove their knowledge on AWS which increases their demand substantially from companies across the globe AWS Certifications are one of the top paying IT Certifications consistently over the last 5 years. The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate S0A-C01 examination is intended to validate your technical expertise in deployment, management, and operations on AWS. This exam tests your knowledge as a SysOps Administrator in your ability to: Deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS Implement and control the flow of data to and from AWS Select appropriate AWS service based on compute, data, or security requirements Identify appropriate use of AWS operational best practices Estimate AWS usage costs and identify operational cost control mechanisms Migrate on-premises workloads to AWS The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator S0A-C01 – Practice Exam 2019 is an excellent revision tool. With the help of this AWS Exam Simulator from the IaaS Academy, you will be able to test you readiness for the official AWS exams. In addition, the questions will help you identify key services and concepts that you need to study for the exam. If you get a question wrong, then our answer explanations will guide you to the correct answer and this will further enable you to identify concepts that you need to understand before taking the official AWS exam. Reference links are provided to encourage you to study the concepts in detail and gain the confidence you need to pass this exam with ease. IaaS Academy Practice Exam Simulator for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate (SOA-C01) Features: 195 New & Unique Questions – Across three complete premium exams with 65 UNIQUE questions and a 130-minute time limit for each exam. Question Response Types – Multiple-choice questions which has one correct response and three incorrect responses (distractors) and Multiple-response questions which has two correct responses out of five/six options Simulates Real Exam Environment – With a timed encasement and questions designed for the latest SOA-C01 syllabus to help you ace the official AWS exam! Answer Explanations and Reference Links – Our answer explanations enable students to quickly understand the concepts they must learn and we provide official AWS documentation links as well as links to our free exam tips and blog articles to help you with your revision. Question Updates – We update our question bank every month with new questions and based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through our extensive research from official AWS courses. Q&A Discussion Board – Our team of instructors at the IaaS Academy address all your issues and questions within 24 hours. Test Results & Reporting – Track your progress and review test categories you need to improve on Answer and Concept Validation – Each item has a reference link that can validate the answer. You can also also post to the QA section so we can discuss any exam topic for free. Word of Advice These AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate practice exams have a passing score of 72%. However, we strongly recommend that you repeat taking these exams again until you consistently reach a score of 90% or higher on each exam. Remember, we welcome questions on the Q&A board to discuss any exam topic in detail. Even the official AWS Practice Exams do not offer this service! Best of luck! IaaS Academy

Eligiblity for Certification :

Students and IT Professionals looking to pass the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator S0A-C01 Certification in the first attempt.